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Get Your Investor Verification Map

If you're on the fence about property investment, this self-assessment can help you to confirm if you are mentally and financially ready to start your property investment journey.

Get Your First Property Fast

If you are getting ready to buy your first property, this guide will help you and explain how to find the 'best first' property that will give your investment portfolio a head start.

Turn A Negative Into A Positive

If you are struggling with a Negatively Geared property, this cheat-sheet will give you three steps that can help turn your negative property into a positive one.

Success Stories

Justin Polgar, – 9 Investment Properties

Justin came to Smart Property Adviser as a single northern beaches 22 year old. After getting the education, learning the strategy and doing the work, he has built a cashflow positive property portfolio. Justin in now 31 years old and with his fiance, they own nine investment properties and have settled on their tenth property – a place to call home.

Nicole Hottes, – Long term client

Nicole was referred to Smartline and Smart Property Adviser by a friend in 2003. Since buying her first property in 2003, Nicole now has two investment properties and is a long term client and friend.

Anthony Karsay, – Healthy Portfolio

Anthony has become a long term client and friend of Kevin and the teams at Smartline and Smart Property Adviser. Since becoming a client in 2002 and amassing a portfolio of four investment properties, he and his wife now have a healthy property portfolio that they can be proud of.

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