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Everyone wants to escape the rat race and control their financial futures, but the average Australian has been conditioned and molded into working cogs in a “system” created by the large corporations and governing bodies of this country. In fact, the “system” was created to keep people from escaping the rat race and as a result we have become reliant on a system which has no interest in seeing the average person succeed.

In order to break away from the system and achieve some form of financial freedom, we need to learn how to use the “system” to our advantage. We need to get the right financial education and make the right investment decisions in order to take control of our financial futures.

Smart Property Adviser are property investment specialists and we offer a very unique service that teaches people the financial education they need in order to make smart property investment decisions.

1 x Market Appraisal.

If you have been looking at properties in New South Wales and need extra research and statistics, we can help provide you with information that’s not readily available to the public. We can provide a full market appraisal of a suburb.

1 x Desktop Valuation.

The asking price on a property for sale is only a guide. Before you make your offer, you should know the estimated value of the property. We can send you a desktop valuation of a property you’re interested in New South Wales.

1:1 Strategy Session.

If you’re interested in starting or building your investment property portfolio and need some help with your strategy or execution, a 1:1 with Kevin will help you to remove any roadblocks that you may have.

The Four Steps To A Lucrative Property Portfolio

Step 1: Education

In order make smart investment decisions, you need the right education and knowledge. Without the education, you are vulnerable to the spruikers in the industry. Before you invest in property, invest in your education.

Step 2: Strategy

Once you have the education, you need to employ an investment strategy that works for you, your income and your comfort level. Your strategy relies on your knowledge and your goals. Without the right strategy, you risk buying the wrong types of properties.

Step 3: Execution

If you’ve got the education and a strategy that fits in with your goals and comfort zone, you need to take action and execute. When you execute your strategy, you need to make sure that you have the right professionals on your team.

Step 4: Success

Success is never guaranteed, but in order for you to have some form of success, you need to have the right insurances in place and you need to have the right management system in place and you need to be the driver of your wealth.

Meet The Smart Property Adviser Team

Kevin Lee
Managing Director

Kevin has over 40 years business, banking and finance experience and is a highly regarded & trusted property investment mentor. Kevin is also a qualified and licensed Buyers Agent. He gives honest but blunt property investment advice and is passionate about encouraging others to become financially educated and take responsibility for their own future. As a result he has helped thousands of clients to date across most industries and all walks of life. He takes great pride in the fact that the majority of our new clients are referred by existing clients because they trust Kevin and his team.

Property Education 100% 100%
Buyers Agent 100% 100%

Delia Sidler
Office Manager

Delia’s hardworking and can-do attitude and attention to detail, is an invaluable asset to the Smart Property Adviser team. Customer focused and always wanting to achieve the best for our clients, Delia has extensive experience in running a small business. One of Delia’s great achievements before joining the team was owning and operating two Gloria Jeans’ franchises. From day one the stores were number one in Australia and number two worldwide. Delia has been working for Kevin since March 2004.

Office Management 100%
Reception 100%

Leila Yong

Leila is an integral part of Smart Property Adviser and her area of expertise is research. Leila conducts and compiles all of our property, location and market research. From “On The Market Analysis” to detailed client reports, she is your go to girl for research. Leila has been working for Kevin since July 2012.

Research 100%
Analysis 100%

Get the education. Get the strategy. Get started.

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