It's not rocket science, it IS a simple Cash-flow Strategy used by smart property investors.

"You can build a POSITIVELY GEARED Property Portfolio without negative gearing, off-the-plan or house & land packages."

The Cashflow Strategy & our clients have been featured in...


What's In It For You?

Most people live in fear. Fear of change; fear of starting; fear of failure; fear of getting it so wrong you won’t be able to recover; FOMO which is the fear of missing out; fear of not having enough for retirement; even the fear of success – the list is extensive. 

Our BOARDROOM EVENT is possibly the only event where you’ll actually learn some useful information & where your host is brutally honest about the property investment sector & finance industry. It’s designed for you to learn; to help you overcome some of your fears – it’s definitely not your heard-it-all-before ‘pitch fest’ or ‘sleep inducing’ seminar. 

So what is it? It’s a small interactive boardroom session where you’ll learn firsthand what changes are taking place right now, coupled with our formula for buying cash-flow investment properties. 

I’ll teach you to make smart financial & property investment decisions that are based on education and research – not ego, greed & speculation. 

We've jam-packed countless hours of research, personal experience, proven strategies and up-to-date property market information into a 2.5hr session. Not only will you walk away with valuable information & research, you’ll also get to ask ‘your’ own questions! 

A recent Roy Morgan survey placed Real Estate agents as the third least trustworthy group of professionals - but they didn’t mention property spruikers! Caveat Emptor … 

There are so many warning bells out there at the moment, it reminds me of a book* from long ago whose message was simply: beware sexy products sold by advisers with yachts. Because only the sales people owned yachts. If it sounds too good to be true … 

*"Where Are The Customer’s Yacht’s” by Fred Schwed. 

Maybe we can help you push through whatever it is, that’s holding you back? I look forward to meeting you soon. 

Kevin Lee


What Can You Expect to Learn?

MODULE ONE: 25mins

Discover the demographic shifts unfolding in 2016 and beyond that WILL have a profound affect on your property investments now … and in the near future. If you’re aware of these demographic trends, you'll know what type of properties will be best for your portfolio. If you ignore them, you run the risk of completely coming unstuck


Being a smart property investor requires research skills and market analysis; essentially it’s a math exercise. Ego, greed, hype, BS, speculation – none of those have a place in your strategy. This module will show you the resources & methods we use when conducting property investment research on behalf of our clients

MODULE TWO: 25mins 

I’ll show you my proven, well-oiled (yet simple) cash-flow strategy that I use to help clients purchase positively geared properties across Australia. We don’t speculate on capital growth (it’s technically ‘betting’ on the house). Our strategy focuses on properties where our version of the Pareto Principle applies: we buy where 80% of tenants can afford the rent and if you ever want to sell, where 80% of people could afford to buy it


If you own multiple properties where the tenant pays down your mortgages over time, you can have income in retirement and unencumbered asset base = net wealth


Discover a smart tool called the Suburb Filter. In nine simple steps it can help you find suburbs & regional cities which meet the criteria of our cash flow strategy. Using this filter will help you pinpoint the right investment locations. Best of all I’ll show you how to use the tool almost immediately


Regular location research takes a lot of time; having a tool like the Suburb Filter can be helpful. It is a cookie-cutter template that you can use over and over again

MODULE FOUR: 25mins 

Learn how to find properties that meet the criteria of our cash-flow strategy and then learn how to use the Property Comparison tool to compare your shortlisted properties. Smart investors compare properties based on research and statistics. It’s a math exercise: we remove ego, greed, & emotion from the decision-making process


The Property Comparison tool will help you to ensure that your shortlisted properties match our cash-flow strategy criteria

MODULE FIVE: 25mins 

Renovation is a key component of our cash-flow strategy however - you have to know when and what - to renovate for best results. Smart property investors renovate to attract high quality, long term tenants who will pay a little more for the privilege. When you know what tenants want, some renovations are completely unnecessary. It’s important (and cheaper) to know what tenants want before you start 


Knowing what your prospective tenants are looking for in a rental property will help you become smarter with your money & stick to your renovation budget

MODULE SIX: 25mins

As we wrap up you will have the opportunity to review & ask more questions to improve your understanding. Then I’ll get you thinking ‘bigger picture’ as you create your very own Action Plan to get you on your way. I’ll also review this with you (confidentially of course) if you request that


Make no mistake - your Action Plan is not a simple To Do List. We want you to dig deep and identify both your short-term plan & long-term goals, because this activity in itself has the power to change your life … as it moves you towards success 


If you think back to when you were at school, then college, then maybe university… at any point, did anyone sit you down and give you proper financial education? Unless you specialised in economics or business, they probably didn’t. 

Guess what? this goes back to the industrial revolution. At its height, financial education was actually removed from the education system because "the object was to use the classroom to create citizens who were educated enough for productive work under supervision, but not enough to question authority or seek to rise above their class" (extracted from Robert Kiyosaki's book; "Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich"). 

At the Investor's Boardroom, I sit you down and teach you the financial and property investment education that you will not learn anywhere else. 

To give you a sample of what and how I teach, and to share more about the Investor's Boardroom, watch this video: 

Location Comparison: Brisbane vs Sydney


Here's A Great Example...

Nyomie and Mark - a lovely couple from Port Macquarie, a NSW coastal city approximately 4.5 hours from Sydney. 

After sitting 'on the fence' for eight years knowing they needed to do something, Nyomie and Mark decided that they wanted to learn how to invest in property & how to make it work for them. So, they did a Google search, found us … and called the office. 

We had a number of conversations over the next few months and I gave them as much of my knowledge as I could over the phone. When I mentioned our Investor's Boardroom event*, they jumped at the opportunity to attend. *I hadn’t met Nyomie or Mark before, so they took a 'leap of faith' based on those conversations we’d had. 

In March 2014 they made the ‘smart’ decision to drive from Port to our offices in Castle Hill. I met Nyomie and Mark at the Boardroom event - it was easy to see they came to learn all I could teach. They were so motivated that just two weeks later, they were back in our Boardroom, to attend our Two Day Intensive mentoring workshop. 

A few short weeks later, and with our guidance, they had implemented much of what they had learned and purchased their very first investment property in Port Macquarie. However, this was only the start of a big future for Nyomie and Mark and their family. 

Since buying that first investment property in May 2014 … they’ve added three more to their portfolio! 

In fact, Nyomie and Mark were so impressed with the results they were getting, early last year they decided to gift "me" to their 'soon-to-be' 21yr old daughter; Saige. 

Fast forward to September 2015 and Saige and her partner Jason attended our Two Day Intensive workshop. They took tons of notes and asked all the questions they could. What they took away from the workshop gave them just the self-confidence & knowledge they needed to help them purchase their first property.  

Since picking up properties three & four, Saige’s parents have set up their own Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and have recently purchased two more positive cash-flow properties through this ‘niche’ investment vehicle. 

Importantly, Nyomie & Mark have gone from ‘thinking about it’ for eight years … to now owning six investment properties in less than two years. They took the necessary action to shape their financial futures and as a direct result, they've managed to help their daughter get started as well. 

What's the lesson? 

Simple. The best time to purchase their investment property was eight years before they found me. The next best time to purchase was when they did. It's never too late to get started and you don't know who you might influence or inspire with your actions. 

"Nyomie & Mark have gone from ‘thinking about it’ for eight years … to now owning SIX investment properties in less than two years..."

In April 2016, Nyomie and Mark's story was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.


Here's What Other Investors Are Saying...

The Cashflow Strategy helped Dave & Kendall purchase two positively geared properties.

"Kevin was awesome, very honest and straight down the line with us. Made us feel comfortable and assured the whole process. His knowledge assisted us in making a great choice on a property and the right loan. Thanks, Kevin."

Dave & Kendall

- North Bondi, NSW

Using the Cashflow Strategy, Justin has built a positively geared portfolio of ten investment properties.

"Just wanted to thank you for the advice and guidance you have given me over the years. I started investing, with your help, at age 22 and the strategy you have provided has allowed me to comfortably build a portfolio of ten properties to date. All my friends are amazed." 

Justin & Anna

- Allambie Heights, NSW

Anthony & Gerry used the Cashflow Strategy to add four positively geared properties to their growing portfolio.

"I would not be anywhere near where I am with regards to real estate if it were not for Kevin Lee and his phenominal team of advisors. They have single handedly helped my wife and I establish a growing portfolio! THANKS!"

Anthony & Gerry

- North Bondi, NSW

Kevin helped Raquel, a First-Time Investor to start her own property portfolio.

Raquel speaks out about the Investor's Boardroom and her experience learning the Cashflow Strategy.


- Sydney, NSW

Nicole has been Kevin's client for over ten years and has built a positively geared property portfolio using Kevin's Cashflow Strategy.  

Nicole shares her experience as a client of Kevin's mentoring, advice and guidance over the years.


- Sydney, NSW

Dr. Kathir has been a long term friend and client. Using the Cashflow Strategy, he has built a healthy property portfolio.

Dr. Kathir shares his feedback about the Investor's Boardroom.

Dr. Kathir 

- Mossman, NSW

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