M.B.W.A …. Works every freakin’ time!


If you’ve known me for a while, you’d know that I’ve criticised all levels of government for a long time now – federal, state & local they each waste so much money – for so little ‘real results’ – that it’s sickening!

But OMG, while I was researching something entirely unrelated I stumbled across this ‘gem’ from demographer Bernard Salt which simply reinforces “my why” …. when it comes to Local Government!!

“In 2017 in just Melbourne … almost 1000 council officers earned at least $150k p.a while more than 100 ‘executives’ received at least $250k p.a”

$40 million to feed 1100 fat cats?  In just ONE CITY????

No wonder Council Rates across Australia keep heading north at the speed of light.  Don’t get me wrong, this is probably the same scenario right across Australia.  No doubt, some of these people actually do an outstanding job.

My issue with Local Council comes down to basics: in that Council you’re paying 1000 managers $150k a year each & 100 senior executives $250k to manage the workload, resources, tasks and expectations of the community!  That’s where they FAIL – management.

Nothing pisses me off more than seeing 12-16 guys & gals on a road crew, with 10-15 of them walking, talking, smoking and/or on their mobile phones …. with one guy actually doing something.

So we’ve got 16 people ’employed’ (which makes Turnbull & Co even more delusional).  We’re paying maybe 16 salaries for the work of just one or two.  Funnily enough, they all seem to be well versed in making these jobs run over the estimated completion date; run into overtime or weekend work.

Every day I see this up here; it drives me crazy & it drove me mad when I lived in Sydney – so no doubt it’s endemic across this place we call the Lucky Country.

And the only way to start to ‘undo this systemic malaise’ is for those 1000 managers to get off their collective butts and out of their offices AND manage by walking around?

M.B.W.A …. works every freakin’ time!