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 Client Result

Hi Kevin,
Great job the other night. You demonstrated your genuine interest in helping people to become successful property investors. You also clearly showed you know what you are talking about and have a lot of experience in property investment.

Your open and honest account of your successes and challenges in investing was refreshing and gave everyone comfort that you were someone they could trust.
Colin Evans

Thanks for all your help with our purchase. Your team are all so organized and professional, it`s been a real treat to deal with you all. There hasn`t been a single weakness in the chain, and from our point of view things have been so fluent.So once again thanks very very much.
Sue and Peter Langdon

I want to thank you and your team for all your help this year, It has been a pleasure to finally meet a team of people that, really want to help the little guy :)
I wish you and your team a merry Christmas and new year
Clinton Holt

Good advice Kevin, you helped us out in 1997 and we still have our property from then plus a few moore now. We have run the strategy of 100% Offset account and mix of Fixed and variable concurrently with multiple properties.

I would never usually give a 10/10, however this was our first property purchase and it couldn’t have been easier. Kevin and team are great communicators and guided us through every step.If I had known how easy this was I could have started in my twenties, not my thirties.
Sylvie MacBean – Kew, VIC

I would not be anywhere near where I am with regards to real estate if it were not for Kevin Lee and his phenominal team of advisors. They have single handedly helped my wife and I establish a growing portfolio that will be valued at $3million by October this year! THANKS!
Anthony and Gerri Karsay – North Bondi, NSW

Kevin Lee and his team have been truly outstanding in solving my complex case of buying a property through my company and trust structure in Australia, while I was overseas travelling the world 150 days a year – as I do with my job here in Geneva, Switzerland. I only can recommend him!! If only everybody would have his type of ethic! Cheers,
Jean-Marc Auer – Geneva, Switzerland

It’s been a great pleasure working and dealing with Kevin. It is hard to find honest people interested in one’s success and not the money they would make from me. Thanks a lot for the advice and looking forward to our next purchase with you. Cheers,
Dr Ayo and Toyin Adeniji – Port Headland, WA

It is so good to have such a wonderful team working to help us on our way to a financially brighter future. Many Thanks.
Mark and Janet Brennan – Wolumla, NSW

Thank you for the generous gift of the entertainment book and the super useful folder. The entertainment book is incredible!
Sylvie MacBean and Damien Gray – Kew, VIC

“Hi Kevin, THANK YOU!! both timothy and I were blown away with your knowledge, generosity and authenticity. We could spend hours and days listening to you and the knowledge you have gained over the years. I was so excited after speaking with you that I gave your contact details to my ex partner Rod XXX. There was a lot of info to absorb so i made some quick notes to add to our portfolio and i was wondering when time permitting if you would confirm I have then notes correctly documented”
Hart Yolande and Timothy – Melbourne

Just thought I would send a quick message to say that all is well at this end & as you would be aware, we are nearly owners of our 1st investment property. Many thanks to you & your wonderful team.
Mark and Janet Brennan – Wolumla, NSW

Hi Kevin, I know you like reading books and I have myself benefited from the books you so kindly presented – so here is a summary of a great reading list which you may or may not have seen before. A small thank you to you and your team for all the great service you keep giving. Enjoy.
Anoop Chaudhuri – Michigan, USA

Good newsletter [State Of The Nation] everyone. Interesting articles – as they have also been in the past.
Roger Catchlove – Athelstone, SA

Hey Kevin, Firstly I wanted to take a second to say THANKS for sitting down with me and talking with me about my options. You have definitely hit the CUSTOMER SERVICE nail on the head and you have a very positive energy which helps people feel comfortable around you and the office with all your lovely workers like Delia and Katerina. I like to let people know when they do great jobs! So anyway. I wanted to email you to let you know where I’m at and what’s been done. We had our meeting 9 days ago and since then: I have got all accounts upto date to send to my accountant Beverly for the 1st July ready to go. Had a meeting with Bev and discussed getting a good tax return to help with my borrowing capabilities in 2-3 months Read the book CRUSH IT and have started E-Myth. The book was great. The author does repeat himself A LOT and the principals are basic but I have implemented my PERSONAL BRANDING strategies on Twitter and Facebook. My personal brand grew from 249 likers to over 260 likers from a little more attention that’s 11 more people I now have access to market to (minimum). I am this week getting Jumpers/shirts with HF FITNESS – The Gym that keeps on giving (still working on a catch prase any ideas?) – printed up and out to members to push the brand even further. Have also started to enquire about shrink wrapping my car in signs and advertising and will look this week also in to getting better business cards. I have also started looking around for Units in the price range of 200,000 to 300,000. Still scary and still not 100% sure on where and what to do but i have been reading lots and will continue until i feel confident. It’s all a little over my head for now but i know not forever. Linda, has been suggesting Town houses. is this an option or are we sticking with red brick units? Thanks Kevin. I hope you’re well. Health & Chi, Shane Richards
Shane Richards – Penrith, NSW

Kevin, I just received your present [The Ultimate Gift]. Many thanks it was most unexpected but will be great reading and I am sure most enjoyable. When Jan [my wife] met me in the carpark after my meeting with you, her first words were “how did it go, what was he like “. My reply was “I think we have struck gold with this bloke. I would sum him up as being a very astute, very honest and decent individual. I look forward to doing a lot of business with him.” These were my exact words. I am only too happy to refer people to you because I am confident you will do the right thing by them. Yesterday I was with ***** ***** Real Estate and I told them they could refer people to you with confidence. I have to drop your business cards to them in next day or so.
Peter Ward – Orange, NSW

A sincere thank you [again] for your hard work on our behalf across the years, often on complicated projects and always with minimal notice! As we said earlier, we will have no hesitation in using you again and recommending you to others.
Craig Wood and Chloe Flutter – Kirribilli, NSW

I just wanted to shoot you a message to tell you what a pleasure it was meeting with you last week. We really appreciate the extra time you spent with us and felt we were on the same wave length with you. We are very excited about moving forward with our plans and will most definitely be utilising your expertise!
Gillian and Lance

Hi Kevin, We would love for you to show us your Cashflow Strategy As we are both Reg Nurses and have to do shift work, it would be a great way to learn , so that we could spend more time with the kids!!!
Peter and Sue Langdon – Fadden, NSW

I really appreciate your advice, which is more like sharing your life experience as a father or uncle. I will keep you posted and for any decision I would make, I will consult you first.
Susan Lin – Coogee, NSW

Kevin was awesome, very honest and straight down the line with us. Made us feel comfortable and assured the whole process. His knowledge assisted us in making a great choice on a property and the right loan. Thanks Kevin.
Dave and Kendall Hayes – North Bondi, NSW

Kevin, thanks again for your time yesterday. I definitely need your support, direction, help and advice as I take my first steps into the property investment jungle.
Bruno Sintive – Montreal, Canada

Hi Kevin, a short note to say thanks for your advice and input into our investment property strategies over the past year. Since meeting you, we have moved from a position of being “stuck” on the negative gearing treadmill to one where we are building a productive group of properties that are delivering sound, positively geared, results. A year ago we were facing the prospect of planning retirement funded solely by under-performing superannuation and would not have thought it possible to turn that situation around. It certainly would not have been possible had we not been introduced to you when we were. We look forward to working with you in the future to help us grow our portfolio.
Gary and Annette Moss – Westleigh, NSW

Hi Kevin, just wanted to say thank you for the advice and guidance you have given me over the past 5 years. As a single northern beaches 22 year old male, it was always a risk that investing would take a back seat, however the advice, guidance and strategy you have provided have allowed me to comfortably build a portfolio of five properties to date. All my friends are amazed; looking forward to number six now!
Justin Polgar – Allambie Heights, NSW

Hi Kevin, I wanted to drop you a line to congratulate Smartline … and you personally for your outstanding efforts and hard work securing our property. The interesting and informative follow up communication you continually send us is extremely valuable. You are a true professional with a keen understanding of the needs of your clients. Once again well done to you and your team. Looking forward to discussing our future requirements as the need arises. It is your past assistance that has given me the confidence to contemplate future property investments.
Stephen Wardrope – Canterbury, NSW

In relation to Kevin’s email about FINANCIAL EDUCATION, we would especially like to ensure that our kids have an opportunity to be involved and even though he made no mention of costs I would have us all attend, irrespective of the price. It is very rare for me to have respect for anyone involved in the financial industry, but Kevin and the team have been an outstanding beacon of intelligence and reason in the money market wilderness.
Russell and Linda Williams – Ryde, NSW