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Any investment in residential property – like all investments – carries with it a number of risks. If these risks eventuate, your income might be lower than expected – at times there may be no income. In life, there are no guarantees – there are also no guarantees that the capital value of your investment will increase; in fact it could fall.

The key risks pertinent to property investment appear below:

  • the property you purchase may not provide the income it was expected to produce
  • the property you purchase may not provide the capital gain you expected
  • there is a risk that your property may, for periods of time, lie vacant & hence not generate income
  • maintenance & repair costs are the investor’s responsibility & can vary, and at times be significant.
    • Such costs are often recoverable from rental bonds or under insurance policies
  • it is the investor’s responsibility to ensure they have appropriate insurances in place at all times. These could include, but are not limited to: Landlords Insurance, Property Insurance, Contents Insurance, Strata Insurance, Income Protection Insurance.
  • there are a number of factors that may affect the general property market in each Australian State or Territory.
  • the amount you borrow (gearing) increases the volatility of your investment. As is the case in the initial stages of any investment, a significant fall in the investment’s value may result in what is known as ‘negative equity’. In this instance you could owe more than the value of your investment.
  • increases in interest rates often increase the cost of borrowings.
  • changes in laws or their interpretations including taxation, superannuation & corporate regulatory laws, practice & policy could have an impact on your investment If you require further information in relation to the above you should consult with your tax advisor, accountant and/or financial planner before investing in residential property.